Course Wildlife Profile #1: The Arabian Red Fox

April 17, 20220

A number of Arabian Red foxes call the Dhahran Sand & Oil disc golf course home. Their burrows can be found dug along hedgerows or into the sandy bases of rocky escarpments. On Scorpion Hole, for example, close to the basket there is a fox burrow shielded by a bush. The Arabian Red Fox is a solitary animal, and typically we have observed them roaming alone, but there were times two or three have been seen cavorting silently across the rocks (possibly a vixen and cubs). Sightings most often occur in early morning or evening. The foxes typically keep a healthy distance from players, but they have been known to show interest in the discs, at times swooping in to pounce upon a landed throw, possibly misjudging the colorful discs for a felled bird or possibly a small rodent. Discs have disappeared when thrown near fox holes. and most likely now adorn their dens.

These stunning creatures  have evolved to thrive in the desert. Note the furred paws, extending between the toes, which act as a buffer between the pad and hot sands. The Arabian Red Fox is one of 75 species of fox found on Planet Earth, and the Arabian Peninsula is home to three species. The Arabian species are in general, more slender in their core mass, and have larger ears (and tail?) for heat dissipation. They have exceptional countenance of their surroundings using both those massive pinnae (ears) and in combination with exceptional visions, they hunt primarily at night. While they are not endangered, please respect these creatures and their homes, and enjoy their company.

Thanks to Cobus Kotze for the incredible photographs. Hope you got your disc back, looks it got marked!

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