Club history

Established in 2019, the Dhahran Disc Golf Club's diverse membership grows the sport in Arabia, and with community support constantly aims to improve the 18-hole course in Dhahran.

The Desert Sleeps

High atop the rocky jebel that is Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, the eye may be captured by the glint of morning dew in verdant green grasses of the Rolling Hills golf course. This beautifully manicured 18-hole course underwent construction in 2000, and since about 2004 the Rolling Hills Golf Club, with a roster of over 500 members, has hosted world class players and events. This masterpiece came from humble beginnings. Located only a few acres to the north, it began its life as a sand and oil golf course that was pioneered in the 1940s. For years it was all the local golfers knew until rumblings of the new construction circulated in the community.

By 2019, the sleepy and dusty area of Dhahran's old sand and oil golf course had become home only to foxes, scorpions, and the occasional mountain biker until it became an oasis for disc golfers. With the support of Dhahran Recreation, a cadre of closeted disc golfers (Tim Polega, Jason Sexton, Jake Bury, and Jon Catuccio) led by long-time Dhahran resident, Mark Stenov, secured the installation of nine Mach X disc golf baskets and disc golf officially arrived in the Eastern Province!

This area’s rich geological history is not understated. The ancient sandstone outcrops perch above the expanse of the city of Khobar and the coastline of the Arabian Gulf stretching as far as the eye can see. The jebels form one bookend of new epoch, and the relics of Dhahran’s golfing pioneers still remain today. Standing atop these vistas, the elevated tee pads have been eroded by the desert winds, and one can look out across a sea of faded fairways, littered with bunkers that mark the old course like a shipwreck. As you wander through the acacia trees, you pass old tee signs with blurry glyphs, and sun-roasted golf balls peak from the sands. Enter the Dhahran Disc Golf Club in 2019 founded by a group of frisbee and disc golf lovers who have since expanded the course and the sport here in Saudi Arabia. Dhahran Sand & Oil disc golf course is the only 18-hole disc golf course on the Arabian Peninsula.


Our diverse membership enables outreach with local groups like the National Junior Honors Society, Boy Scouts, and SAES school.


Our self-directed group conducts multiple tournaments per year providing a fun atmosphere to breed some competition for prizes. Our group contributes custom merchandise as prizes which include custom dyed discs and athletic apparel. We have club status with Innova and most of our members are active PDGA members.

League Night

League Night is typically on Wednesday after 4pm. Anyone is welcome to join singles play. Team rounds are sometimes announced including a plan for a month long teams league.


Our club is now offering tours of the course at the cost of a starter pack of premium discs (available at the SAES office on King’s Road). We are also beginning to offer clinics to younger groups and adults.

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Visit from a dedicated disc golfer; flies into Saudi because he’s jonesin to throw. Check the attire! Respect! We hot stamped his disc and sent him back to Kuwait on a red eye! #discgolf #discgolflife

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